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1. Obligation of "Importx"

1.1 "Importx" is obliged to transport the parcel delivered to its Chinese warehouse to Tbilisi within a reasonable time, the duration of transportation is 5-7 days after sending it from our warehouse.

1.2 "Importx" is obliged to reimburse the customer for the parcel received at the warehouse and subsequently lost (based on the invoice and the relevant documentation) in addition to the conditions mentioned in paragraph 2.

1.3 If the parcel is not delivered within 30 calendar days of arrival, your parcel will be returned to the state for further disposal.

2. "Importx" disclaims liability

2.1 Delayed transportation or loss of parcel due to force majeure situations (natural disasters, catastrophes, pandemics, hostilities, etc.).

2.2 on the parcel which contains the following products for their transportation:

  • Real money, coins or banknotes
  • Bank and credit tickets and other securities
  • Food products
  • Explosive or flammable substances or products (paints and alcohols)
  • Land and seedlings with soil
  • Pornographic products
  • Live animals, stuffed animals, bones, fur
  • Any kind of drug, products or plants containing drugs or their seeds, so called. "Bio", flavoring
  • Psychotropic substances
  • Medications (more than 10 packs)
  • Plants (more than 1 kg)
  • Seeds of plants (more than 25 gr.)
  • Firearms and pneumatic (airsoft) tools and accessories
  • Printing materials, movies, photos, LPs, movies, audio and video cassettes, CDs
  • Gold and silver, precious stones, jewelry and other precious items
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco and industrial tobacco substitutes
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Antiques

3. The client is obliged

3.1 timely (within 48 hours) to declare his parcel on the website of "Importx", in his personal office.

3.2 If the parcel does not belong to customs clearance (its value does not exceed 300 GEL or has no commercial purpose) but the client still wants to clear it, check the "I want to clear customs" button when filling out the declaration.

3.3 In case of customs clearance of the parcel, pay the duty within 30 calendar days (preparation of the customs declaration is free of charge).